Our Process

Initial Consultation

Every potential project in our normal service area begins with a FREE initial Consultation. This consists of up to a 1-hour meeting for us to discuss the details of your project with you. 

Afterwards, we will discuss Your budget * Design options * Personal preferences * Your time frame for your project. 

This is a great time to interview us. We recommend writing down any questions you may have for us before the initial consultation. The goal of this initial meeting is to determine if we’re a good fit to work together and that we can meet your needs. 


If we’re a good match to work together then we can get our design agreement in place. This is a simple document outlining the scope of work to be designed and the fee structure for that design. 

We work with a range of professionals both in house and other designers allowing us to give you every possibility from the basic 2D blueprinting to Virtual Reality (VR) Design. This allows us to tailor the design to your ability to visualize as well as your budget. If you have difficulty visualizing from a 2D-3D drawling then the VR is the way to go. It allows you to walk through your space with all of your selections and get a feel for size, and the overall esthetics of your custom home or remodeling project. 

You will be visiting showrooms to pick out all your finishes such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, flooring, windows and trim work. If you need assistance with compiling your selections, we partner with an excellent interior designer for a nominal fee. Once all your material selections have been made, they will be added to the final construction drawings. 

Trade Day

A trade day will take place with our specialty contractors and suppliers. This gives them an opportunity to see the specifics of the space and ask any detailed questions about your project. This helps us eliminate any issues and ensures that nothing required gets overlooked before the construction of your project. 

Pricing and Contract

The two to three weeks after trade day all the prices are compiled for your remodeling or custom home project. We will then produce a firm fixed price quotation to build your project that outlines every detail of the scope, warranty and payment details, and a timeline for completion. We sit down with you and go through every detail and page to ensure that everything that you wanted is included and making sure all your questions are answered.


With the Construction Agreement in place we begin the construction process. From start to the very last touch of paint our work will be completed the right way the first time. There are no acceptable shortcuts and we will never sacrifice quality to save time.  

Good communication is key to a smooth and successful construction project. We keep you updated with end of day conversations and regular site meetings after each phase of construction. This is a great time to address any concerns you may have. We feel it’s best to address these issues immediately to ensure your project turns out exactly the way you envisioned it.  

Within ten calendar days of completion, we will walk through your project with you to assemble a punch list of any items that need completed. This helps us get you enjoying your new space as soon as possible. 

Post Construction

When the work is completed a walk through is scheduled with you to ensure that you are 100 percent satisfied. We offer a follow-up visit at 12 months to address any additional needs or concerns you have with your home.